Rachael Cartmell

Recipes for Life: How to Nurture Me



Mother to 2 young girls, Rachael Cartmell has a site dedicated to self-nurturing –  Nurtured.me  – for both Mothers and Fathers. With tips and information on a variety of ways to help improve your own health and wellbeing – through suggestions to routines, diets and activities, Rachael is an advocate for care for the self and the whole family. If we are feeling low or exhausted ourselves, it’s hard to give out good to others. She knows how hard it is, with only 16 months between her girls, Mothering is exhausting! But with a few small changes to your routine and diet you can feel great again, even without 8 hours a night.

It is so important to give our children the best of us. They are the next generation, and they will need greatness in them if they are to progress the world. Take care of your self so they get your best!

Rachael hosts an online Summer Camp for toddlers and is working on some Holiday surprises for the whole family all aimed at cultivating nurturing and connection.