Dr. Paula Ann Hennon

Search for Serendipity: Journey Toward Joy


Paula Hennon is a PhD Atmospheric Scientist with an MBA who found herself leading a superlative team of scientists, programmers, web developers, and graphic designers inside a federal laboratory. Together they pushed boundaries, innovated processes, wrote a ton of code, and got stuff done. Whether her job is to sell packaging to Fortune 500 companies, analyze oxygen bubbles in ancient ice cores, fly through hurricanes, or develop scientific consensus about climate change across the US Government, Paula catalyzes wild success by being a connector of people and a team-whisperer.

Paula’s passionate belief is that nature casts spotlights on our souls and that planning and routines create the white space in our lives where magic happens. She spends her days coaching and inspiring teams of scientists, engineers, programmers, and other like-minded, introverted, nerds and geeks to take their rightful places as unapologetic thought-leaders in society by bringing reason, solutions, and curiosity to life at tangoscientific.com and in the Science Tango Podcast.

Paula lives in the woods in Asheville, North Carolina with her husband, teenage daughter, a Pomeranian, two cats and a Welsh pony. (Shhh, don’t tell. Sometimes she likes the pony best!)