Elizabeth Tuckwell

The Year of You!


Elizabeth Tuckwell, is an abstract expressionist painter, a meditation teacher and a creative coach. She developed her own style of painting while traveling and has cultivated her style of guided meditation.

Elizabeth has created a process of teaching others how to develop their own artistic practice and often combines it with energy work to break down the inner barriers of her clients. “I believe everyone has creative talent, and when we can move past the monkey mind we can tap into an incredible space inside of ourselves where the potential is limitless. I love helping people discover that part of themselves.”

She is the founder of Art With Intention a website that pairs the art of self-expression with the art of meditation. She has run several in person Meditation and Painting workshops and is currently leading an online 21 Day Live Guided Meditation Experience. She has led a master class on art and energy at Columbia College, and will be leading guided meditations at Northwestern University. She gave a talk about her work at the School of the Art Institute’s Art Therapy department and spoke about the role of energy and the creative process at the Chicago Women’s Creative Collective. You can find more about her at artwithintention.com and elizabethtuckwell.com.