The Season of You! Self Care Gift subscription is a weekly delivery of digital self-care products to transform the most important relationship you’ll ever have–
The relationship with yourself.

Recharge your spirit. Reconnect with yourself. Re-ignite your spirit.

Self Care isn’t selfish.

In gratitude for being truly blessed, we commit to invest 10% of sales to support women starting businesses, going to school, leading their communities and building strong families through the micro-lending program at 

"Every Woman Needs It!" Subscription

Every woman should be empowered to care for their whole self: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Every Woman Needs It! subscription for Winter 2018 includes these digital self care products delivered directly to your email inbox. It’s a massage for your soul every week in January, February & March 2018.

Celebrate the new Season of You!


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The Season of You! Starts on January 1st, 2018

Your gift recipient (or YOU) will receive their gift notice via email on the day that you choose. The subscription will launch January 1st 2018 to kick off this season of transformation, self-discovery and epic self care. The Season of You! will then be delivered directly via email. 

We’d love for you to be a part of this journey with us. So the question remains, are you ready to commit to self-love once and for all?

Winter is time to recharge

Nobody wants socks for Christmas.

Not another purse under the Christmas Tree.

The gift that delivers peace every week.


Not Another Purse.

Unique. Transforming. A massage for the soul!

(You Want it Too!)

Recharge. Reconnect. Re-ignite.

Created in Love

Made by Women Who Crave the Self Care Elixir!

Supremely Stylish.

Nothing Looks Better than You – Renourished.

Deep. Powerful.

A Guided Intentional Life.

No Nonsense.

No mall. No traffic. No Driving. No Weather. No Stuff. No Clutter. No Fluff.

Whether you pursue the Season of You for yourself or give it to someone you love, by embracing creative heart-centered living, you will genuinely and deeply touch the lives of others by your actions.

We believe self care is the ultimate elixir for your soul and you need to drink it every day.
In other words, we are going to teach you and provide the tools to stay hydrated.

Your Subscription Includes…

Recipes for Life Instructions for joy included in 2017 Holiday Self Care Gift Package for Women

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Recipes for Life included in 2017 Holiday Self Care Gift Package for Women
Self care can mean celebrating a holiday with chocolate cake made just for you

How to Nurture Me: Recipes for Life

Monthly Booklet of Recipes for Nourishing Food & Self Care

It’s been a rough year. We get it. So when life gets so hectic that you can’t keep a thought in your mind, it’s good to be gently reminded to make time to do things for yourself.

Even better than a gentle reminder? An instruction book.

How to Nurture Me – Recipes for Life is that instruction book you didn’t even realize you needed. 

Just like any tried and tested recipe book in your kitchen, Recipes for Life shows you how to take time for you by laying out all the steps needed to achieve some “me time” – through nourishing food, soul-filling and creativity nurturing crafts, mindfulness activities or just peace and quiet.

Each month you will receive a new printable PDF booklet to either read digitally or print and keep, filled with recipes to nourish your “Youness”.

You’ll also receive The Nudge Newsletter every week, to keep you on your path of self-discovery and honest self-care.

Search for Serendipity: Journey Toward Joy

Smart-phone Activities to Cultivate Playfulness and Joy

The Search for Serendipity is a seasonal online treasure hunt with short twice-weekly challenges pushing you to reconnect with your natural joy by completing thoughtful missions outside.

Paying attention to the energy and rhythm of nature brings harmony with your true self, shedding yourself of negativity and stress.

Serendipity only appears in the “white spaces” of your over-active mind and busy life chock full of activities. Intentionally taking time to see yourself surrounded in the great big world creates space for happy coincidences to happen.

The Journey toward Natural Joy will be delivered seasonally and (somewhat ironically) requires a smartphone or tablet to play. A pdf-only version is also available. You choose to engage with others or not – but serendipity happens when we step outside our noisy life and intentionally allow space for it to appear and delight us in the process.

Search for Serendipity Nature Hunt included in 2017 Holiday Self Care Gift Package for Women

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Nature Therapy in the 2017 Holiday Self Care Gift Package for Women
Search for Serendipity is part of the 2017 Holiday Self Care Gift Package for Women
Relationship Reality video series is included in the 2017 Holiday Self Care Gift Package for Women

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Relationship Reality Check included in the 2017 Holiday Self Care Gift Package for Women
Relationship Reality video series is included in the 2017 Holiday Self Care Gift Package for Women

Relationship Reality Check: Video Series

Video Series to Provide Clarity and Connection

Relationships are an integral part of healthy living and although there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, they do have the power to either lift us up or bring us down.

This upbeat video series helps identify healthy and unhealthy relationships, subtle signs of toxicity, and ways to respond to yourself with loving kindness when you find yourself in a mess. 

This video series will take away the doubt and confusion about your relationships with friends, family, coworkers and intimate partners, and give you the clarity and coping mechanism tools to develop healthier – and more intimate – connections with your loved ones.

The Year of You!

2018 Get Started With Self-Care Planner

We’ve created the ideal planner for making plans, integrating self-growth activities and of course, staying organized. Using one integrated organization tool will help you craft the ultimate self care regime and this Printable Planner includes everything you need to set your best intentions and self care action steps:

  • Monthly/Weekly/Daily Calendar Pages
  • Daily Journal Pages
  • Intention-Setting and Gratitude Pages
  • Inspirational Stories
  • Beautifully-Painted Original Art Desktop Wallpapers
  • Exclusive Audio and Video Guided Meditations

2018 Planner is included in the 2017 Holiday Self Care Gift Package for Women

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2018 Planner is included in the 2017 Holiday Self Care Gift Package for Women
Exclusive Guided Meditations are part of the 2018 Inspirational Self Care Planner
Original Art desktop backgrounds are part of the 2018 Inspirational Self Care Planner

Reignite your passion for life and living.

From stressed-out and apathetic to balanced and passionate.


We know how easy it is to work non-stop and rarely rest. Our carefully crafted suite of self-care tools is for those of us who live each day as Wonder Woman. Learning to reclaim your energy and time is a skill that we want you to have in your superhero arsenal.


What will you do with your newly rediscovered hours? A new hobby? A new degree? A new business?


Recharge both body and soul.

Self-care soothes the Mind, Body, and Spirit and creates a personal sanctuary.

For women who give so much of themselves, this collection of self care products paves the way to an inner retreat, through weekly emails, monthly recipes and activities and trainings to help you create your ideal life.


Reconnect with who you really are.

You know that feeling of overwhelm? Like when you can’t imagine being asked for one. more. thing. without shattering? Or that feeling of being withered and worn out? Yes, we thought so and we can tell you honestly from the depths of our souls that we’ve been there, and there’s a way to wholeness and vitality again.


Healthy relationships make a healthy heart. Part of self-care is looking honestly and deeply at your relationship to others. Do your boundaries need a tune-up? Have your needs changed? We will guide you to look both inward and outward at what you have currently and create a vision for what you’ll create.

Meet The Creators


Rachael Cartmell

Creator of
Recipes for Life!


Paula Hennon

Creator of
Search for Serendipity


Simone Writer

Creator of
Relationship Reality Check


Elizabeth Tuckwell

Creator of
The Year of You!

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Answers to Your Questions

The Holiday Self Care Gift Subscription is made of digitally-delivered activities and resources so they will only manifest themselves physically if you choose to print out the workbooks etc. yourself — or perhaps with the help of a Holiday Elf?

All of the products in the subscription are guided activities in some way and are set to correspond to the start of the New Year. You will receive an email with all of the access codes and download links at the time of purchase, however some of the links, etc. are timed to start January 1. There just might be a few special surprises thrown in to delight you through the Holiday Season in December though!

If you purchase The Season of You! Subscription as a gift, you can specify the date of delivery and that’s the day the access email will appear in the recipient’s inbox — so no ruining any surprises.

Please let us know and we’ll do what we can to delight you. We’d never want anyone to be unhappy!

Well, we certainly hope not! We’ve created these experiences from a place of love and generosity because we all know women in our lives (including ourselves!) who need more than a little nudge to urge them to do a bit more for themselves. We needed what we make just as much as you do, and together we can inspire a transformation!

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